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Sport Comp Series Gauges

Sport-Comp Series gauges feature black dials, white numerals, bright red pointers, and satin aluminum bezels. At night the perimeter lighting illuminates the gauge dial.  Green and Red bulb covers are included to change the illumination color if desired.

Brand: Pacific Performance Engineering Part Number: 5170100
Keeping your diesel engine within proper exhaust gas temperature (EGT) parameters is vitally important to ensuring the proper operation and health of your truck. PPE’s Pyrometer Gauge quickly shows just how hot your truck really is. This information aids in programming fuel delivery so you can get t..

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6806
Includes probe. Fabrication is required. Modifications to balancer or flywheel are required.  The Auto Meter 6806 Pro-Comp 5" Diesel Tachometer is specially designed for your competition built diesel truck. Featuring a unique sensor engineered to be mounted near the crank pulley which creates a sig..
$404.95 $491.44

Brand: Pacific Performance Engineering Part Number: 516010000
Sure, it is fun watching the needle on the boost gauge spinning thanks to that huge turbo you installed, but the PPE Turbo Boost Gauge allows you to know exactly what is happening with your engine. Allowing you to perfectly tune the fuel and boost delivery to get the most power possible out of your ..

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3357
Autometer Sport Comp 100º-250º Transmission Temperature Gauge Includes 1/8" NPT Sender. Air-Core meter movement. Includes 3/8"" NPT adapter/fitting. Includes 1/2"" NPT adapter/fitting. Autometer: 3357..
$72.95 $101.00

Brand: Pacific Performance Engineering Part Number: 5130x00
Low fuel rail pressure readings can be a sign of fuel delivery trouble, and thanks to the PPE Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge it can be headed off before real trouble arises. This gauge lets you know when your diesel is starving for fuel or when it is running at its optimal tune. PPE also offers a 9 fo..

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3344
AutoMeter Sport Comp Pyrometer 0-1600 Degrees Autometer #: 3344..
$199.95 $214.80

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3304
AutoMeter Sport Comp 0-35 PSI Boost Gauge Includes 6 ft. nylon tubing with 1/8" NPT fittings. Includes 1/4'' NPT adapter/fittings. Autometer: 3304..
$74.95 $78.80

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3361
AutoMeter Sport Comp Electric Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSI Includes Sender, Stepper Motor TechnologyFull Sweep, Stepper Motor meter movement. Includes 1/8" NPT Sender.REQUIRES PURCHASE OF FUEL PRESSURE SNUBBER & BRAIDED HOSE FOR WARRANTY TO BE HONORED. ..
$239.95 $271.86

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3327
Includes 1/8" NPT Sender. Air-Core meter movement. Includes 1/4'' NPT adapter/fittings...
$84.95 $94.83

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3349
Autometer Sport Comp 100º-250º Differential Temperature Gauge Includes 1/8" NPT Sender. Air-Core meter movement. Includes 3/8" NPT adapter/fitting. Includes 1/2" NPT adapter/fitting. Autometer: 3349..
$64.95 $66.81

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 5444
Autometer #: 5444 The most rugged gauges available, these tough liquid filled mechanical gauges have more than 20 years of race proven heritage in the most extreme conditions.   These instruments are illuminated using perimeter incandescent lighting. Red and green bulb covers are included to change..

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3544
Autometer #: 3544Powered by digital microprocessor-controlled, rugged stepper motor drives & laboratory grade sending units, Full Sweep Electric Gauges are the BEST gauges available. They combine Extreme Durability & Readability of 270 degree sweep mechanical gauges w/ the Easy Installation & Sa..
$207.95 $217.49

Brand: Source Automotive Part Number: SA140W
Source Automotive is proud to present, our very own line of gauges, with our industry leading TWO year warranty! Source Automotive 2" Dia. white face 140-320 Degree Transmission Temperature Gauge with 1/8" NPT temp senderSource Automotive part number:  SA140W..

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 3404
Autometer #: 3404Bronze bourdon tube 270 degree sweep movements and durable nylon gearing have made these rugged and long lasting gauges a proven high performance favorite for over 25 years. These mechanical gauges require no electrical power for operation making them an ideal choice for vehicle..
$89.95 $91.37

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