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Autometer Sport Comp Digital Series Gauges

Sport Comp Digital, black bezel, 2 1/16 mounting, featuring seven bar LED segment digital red lettering display.

Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6345
Watching your precise exhaust temperature can mean the difference between maximum performance and catastrophic engine damage. On high output diesel or forced induction applications, there are few gauges that are more critical. A very readable digital display makes viewing your exact exhaust temperat..
Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6349
Transmission fluid temperature is the single biggest contributing factor to the lifespan of your automatic transmission. Having an accurate, realtime measurement allows you to know when to downshift or when to take your foot out of it. Whether you’re towing or simply trying to harness the power of a..
Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6370
An ultra high precision digital gauge engineered for diesel applications but also perfect on higher boost gasoline engines. Using Auto Meter’s advanced 1/8” NPT solid state pressure transducer, this gauge provides unparalleled accuracy for forced induction applications producing from 5-60 psi. A dir..
Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6363
Seeing the exact fuel pressure on your vehicle can mean the difference between extracting the most performance safely and expensive failures. Auto Meter’s Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge will precisely measure your exact fuel pressure at levels of accuracy previously unheard of even in professional gaug..
Brand: Autometer Part Number: 6327
Without oil pressure, your engine is not likely to run for long. There are few parameters that are more important to have precise readings on in your vehicle. Auto Meter’s Digital Oil Pressure Gauges uses an 1/8” NPT pressure transducer for incredible accuracy and response time. Features seven bar L..
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