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Sport Comp 5 Inch Diesel Tachometer with Memory/Recall 6806

Includes probe. Fabrication is required. Modifications to balancer or flywheel are required. 

The Auto Meter 6806 Pro-Comp 5" Diesel Tachometer is specially designed for your competition built diesel truck. Featuring a unique sensor engineered to be mounted near the crank pulley which creates a signal from 4 machined grooves or 4 raised bolt heads to precisely monitor engine speed. The patented air core meter movement, wound in house to exacting standards, can move the needle from 0 - 6,000 rpm in just 333 milliseconds ensuring that you never have to worry that your engine is spinning faster than the tach. 

Included is a built-in memory recall to allow review of the highest RPM achieved on your last pass or hook. Built for a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions, this is the no compromise tach for no compromise builds. When youre ready for the best, there isnt another choice.



0 - 6,000 RPM Range

12 & 16-Volt Compatible

5" Diameter Gauge Face

Traditional Incandescent Lighting 



Autometer: 6806 

Lame California Prop 65 Notice