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07.5-14 GM 6.6L Duramax Auto Meter Dashcontrol OBDII Display Controller

AutoMeter’s remarkable DashControl™ utilizes your vehicle’s factory display(s) to provide performance information without modification. Available for certain vehicles with a Driver Information Center (DIC), DashControl™ plugs into the OBDII port and “hijacks” these displays, allowing you to monitor parameters from the vehicle’s data bus. Customize the display pages to display what you want, where you want it. Because there is no modification to any of the vehicle’s computer systems, it’s 100% warranty friendly and reversible simply by unplugging the device. It’s the easiest, most integrated solution for gauges yet, and takes only seconds to install.

DashControl™ offers customizable alerts as well. Water temp getting too hot or oil pressure dropping? DashControl™ can activate your factory warning chime and display an alert in the DIC at any value you set. Customization is incredibly easy using our intuitive configuration software. Better still, the system is expandable to add up to two additional analog inputs for parameters not monitored by your vehicle’s computer systems.

Download the DashControl Software HERE


  • ‘07.5-'14 Chevy 2500/3500 Silverado Duramax
  • ‘07.5-'14 GMC 2500/3500 Sierra Duramax



Supported PIDs:

  • Engine Load (%)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature (ºF, ºC)
  • Short Term Fuel Trip Bank 1 (%)
  • Long Term Fuel Trip Bank 1 (%)
  • Short Term Fuel Trip Bank 2 (%)
  • Long Term Fuel Trip Bank 2 (%)
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Engine RPM
  • Vehicle Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Spark Timing (Deg.)
  • Intake Air Temperature (ºF, ºC)
  • Air Flow (g/s, lb/min)
  • Throttle Position (%)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 1 (mV)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2 (mV)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 1 (mV)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2 (mV)
  • Fuel Level (%)
  • Barometric Pressure (inHg, kPa)
  • Loop Status (0=Off, 1=Open Loop, 2=Closed Loop, 4=OL-Drive, 8=OL-Fault, 16=CL-Fault)
  • Fuel Alcohol Content (%) [Custom Tune PID]
  • Commanded Evap Purge (%)
  • Commanded Lambda
  • Ambient Air Temperature (ºF, ºC)
  • Knock Retard (Deg.)
  • Engine Oil Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Engine Oil Temperature (ºF, ºC)
  • Engine Oil Life Remaining (%)
  • Total Misfires
  • Injector Pulse Width Bank 1 (ms)
  • Injector Pulse Width Bank 1 (ms)
  • CMP Sensor RPM
  • CKP Sensor RPM
  • Delivered Torque Percent (%)
  • Torque Delivered (Ft/lb, Nm)
  • Fuel Trim Cel
  • Torque Management Spark Retard (Deg.)
  • Power Enrichment (0=Inactive, 1=Active)
  • Commanded Cooling Fan (%)
  • MAF Frequency (Hz)
  • Current Gear (Automatic Transmission Only)
  • Calculated Current Gear
  • Electronic Throttle Indicated Pedal Position (%)
  • Electronic Throttle Indicated Throttle Position (%)
  • Output Shaft Speed (RPM)
  • Transmission Fluid Temperature (ºF, ºC)
  • Right Front Position Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Left Front Position Sensor Voltage (V)\
  • Right Rear Position Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Left Rear Position Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Left Front Strut/Damper Damping Level (%)
  • Right Front Strut/Damper Damping Level (%)
  • Left Rear Strut/Damper Damping Level (%)
  • Right Rear Strut/Damper Damping Level (%)
  • Average Vehicle Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Fuel Range (Mi, Km)
  • Average Fuel Economy (MPG, L/100km)
  • Instant Fuel Economy (MPG, L/100km)
  • Odometer (Mi, Km)
  • Trip Odometer A (Mi, Km)
  • Trip Odometer B (Mi, Km)
  • Washer Fluid Level Switch (0=Off, 1=On - fluid low)
  • Left Front Wheel Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Right Front Wheel Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Left Rear Wheel Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Right Rear Wheel Speed (MPH, KPH)
  • Rough Road Detected (g)
  • Lateral Accelerometer Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Lateral Acceleration (g)
  • Yaw Rate Sensor Voltage (V)
  • Yaw Rate (Deg./S)
  • Steering Wheel Angle (Deg.)
  • Brakes On (0=Off, 1=On)
  • Left Front Tire Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Right Front Tire Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Left Rear Tire Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Right Rear Tire Pressure (PSI, kPa)
  • Calculated Boost (PSI, kPa)
  • Calculated Fuel Flow Rate (g/h, l/h)
  • Instantaneous Estimated Engine Power (HP, lb/ft)
  • Distance With AFM Active – Running Total This Trip (Mi, Km)
  • 60ft Time (Sec)
  • 330ft Time (Sec)
  • 0-60 MPH (Sec)
  • 0-100 KPH (Sec)
  • 60-130 MPH (Sec)
  • 100-200 KPH (Sec)
  • 1/8 Mile Time (Sec)
  • 1/8 Mile Elapsed Distance (Mi)
  • 1/8 Mile Trap Speed (MPH)
  • 1/4 Mile Time (Sec)
  • 1/4 Mile Elapsed Distance (Mi)
  • 1/4 Mile Trap Speed (MPH)
  • 1/2 Mile Time (Sec)
  • 1/2 Mile Elapsed Distance (Mi)
  • 1/2 Mile Trap Speed (MPH)
  • 1 Mile Time (Sec)
  • 1 Mile Elapsed Distance (Mi)
  • 1 Mile Trap Speed (MPH)

Feature Points

  • Take control of your vehicle instruments to unlock hidden performance info!
  • Display missing data your vehicle computer already knows - AFR, boost, temps, pressures, HP/TQ and more!
  • Your data, the way you want to see it - fully customize layouts with free DashControl software!
  • Improve on factory performance alerts by programming on screen text messages for alarm points and combine with a trigger to activate the vehicle's audible chimes for a fine tuned display that's specific to your driver displays.
  • Add up to two additional analog sensor inputs for those couple additional engine parameters you may want to see that are not readily available on the factory CANbus network.
  • Great alternative to add-on instruments and displays, that won't affect the vehicle's interior appearance (or attract thieves) while keeping the driver's line of sight clear and dash space open. Ideal for 'sleeper' projects and track days!
  • 100% warranty friendly - Completely reversible by simply unplugging the module from the vehicle.
  • Supported Display Control: DIC, HUD

Auto Meter: 7037-03

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