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ZDP Zinc Oil Additive - 1 Bottle

When the Government mandated tougher emission regulation one of the ways diesel engine manufacturers lowered tailpipe emissions was to include a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on newer diesel engine. Although most of you don’t have a DPF truck you are still affected.

Because some of the tried and true additive packages in conventional oils (mainly zinc and phosphorous) harm and plug up DPFs. These valuable additives started appearing in less and less ppm in oils. Subsequently we have started to see much greater wear in the valvetrain anywhere metal parts rub or shear against each other. In the case of performance engines with high lift cams and higher spring rates, they are especially vulnerable for damage from newer oils.

To combat this we have come out with our own Zinc additive. It will help oil maintain its surface tension and provide a better cushion between moving parts. When a new cam is first installed it is very important for you to use 2 bottles of this additive before startup to make sure your cam does not have abnormal wear during break-in. After that, on high performance engines we suggest one bottle per oil change. This additive is NOT for use on trucks with a DPf as it might damage the unit.

Part Number: 07-C-001

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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