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Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula -8.45oz

The makers of the worlds best known valve seat protection additive, Flashlube, have released the latest Bio Diesel based Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula.

Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula developed with Bio-Diesel, a 100% clean and renewable resource, helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Using Bio-Diesel also helps in reducing vehicle emissions, as it burns cleaner, making Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula safer to use, store & transport.

In climates where winter blend fuels are used, there is often the need to include additives in the fuel to stop fuel from gelling or waxing in extreme temperatures. This results in the plugging of fuel lines and filters. Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula modifies the wax in fuel in cold temperatures to prevent gelling or waxing of the fuel.

Formulated to prevent fuel clouding, (also known as Gelling or Waxing) Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula is compliant for use with diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, and is specifically designed to provide maximum cold weather protection up to -40*C

Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula is best used to prevent fuel from gelling or waxing in cold weather, added to the tank every time you fill up in cold conditions before or after filling, at a rate of 50ml per 50 litres.

  •     Use each fill for best results
  •     Available in larger size packs
  •     Use Flashlube Diesel Conditioner to keep the fuel system clean.
  •     Treat Rate: 1ml treats 1Litre of diesel fuel
  •     In extreme conditions recommended treat rate is 2ml/1 Litre
  •     Ideal for treating bulk tanks (1Litre of Winter Fuel Formula treats 1000L of diesel fuel)


  •     Prevents Wax Gel Formation
  •     For Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
  •     Bio-Diesel Technology
  •     Fight fuel line freeze and wax gel formation
  •     Improved fuel lubricity
  •     Easier cold weather starting
  •     Reduced misfiring
  •     Improves thermal stability
  •     Pour Point Depressant
  •     Wax Modifier

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