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Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (5¼QT)

Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser(Stabilizer) is a high performance, anti-wear oil formulation containing a powerful blend of additives that provide superior protection against engine wear in old & new engines. This latest formulation puts Flashlube at the forefront of the oil additives market, minimising oil breakdown & engine wear. It also improves oil lubricity and is compatible with all engine oils.

Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser is a 100% petroleum product formulated to compensate for wear in older engines, gearboxes, differentials and to reduce the wear process in new ones.

Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser also contains a powerful blend of additives that allows motor & gear oils to maintain a higher degree of lubricity. It eliminates high temperature viscosity breakdown, even under the most extreme conditions, allowing the oil to last up to 30% longer. Oil treated with Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser does not run off cylinder walls after shut down, eliminating dry starts, the number one cause of wear in an otherwise well maintained engine.

Ordinary motor oil is formulated with the tolerance of new engines in mind. Once an engine becomes worn the wearing process advances at a rapid rate because motor oil alone cannot adequately lubricate the moving parts. This is particularly true in the use of synthetics.
Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser is formulated for both new and old engines. While a small amount (up to 25%) can maintain a new engine, larger amounts (up to 50%) can be added to a worn engine to properly seal and cushion the moving parts, to slow oil consumption and prevent further wear.

Recommended for use in all new & used cars, trucks, motor bikes, boats, agricultural and industrial equipment, in engines gearboxes & differentials.

1. Add Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser to engine oil.
New Petrol & Diesel engines - Add 20%-25% (up to 1ltr to 4ltrs of oil)
Worn Petrol & Diesel engines - Add 25%-30% (up to 1ltr to 3ltrs of oil)

2. Add 1 Litre of Oil Stabiliser to 5 Litres of engine oil.

3. Add Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser directly to the engine with engine oil when engine is at normal operating temperature, or when changing your oil.

4. Start & run engine for 10 minutes to allow Flashlube Oil Stabiliser to blend completely with engine oil.

Use Flashlube Heavy Duty Oil Stabiliser with every oil / filter change.

  •     Blends with all automotive lubricants, synthetics, mineral oil and ATF
  •     Australian Made & Owned
  •     Available in various pack sizes, from 500ml to 20 Litre

  •     Reduces oil leaks, noise & blowby
  •     Reduces oil consumption
  •     Increases oil pressure & engine compression
  •     Reduces smoke & exhaust emissions
  •     Lowers engine temperature
  •     Improves fuel economy
  •     Extends oil life (up to 30%)
  •     Reduces metal to metal contact that causes serious wear
  •     Stops dry starts & reduces friction
  •     Extends engine life
  •     Provides superior engine protection
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