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F-Bomb High Performance Diesel Fuel Additive 16oz Bottle

Drop an F-Bomb on Bad Fuel Economy!
Fuel Bomb Diesel Fuel Additive is a unique proprietary blend of chemicals to help your diesel run better and cleaner. F-Bomb will do the following:

    Cleans Fuel Injector Systems: Decarbonizes fuel injector nozzles and combustion chamber
    Improves Cetane Number
    Great Value: Treats 500 Gallons of Diesel Fuel. Costs less then 3.5 cents a gallon!
    Controls Icing and Freeze up
    Prevents formation of algae and bacteria
    Improves fuel economy(MPG)

General Warning: F-Bomb may be habit forming. Some side effects have been listed as improved fuel economy, excessive tires smoke as well as childish behavior in empty parking lots and well pretty much anywhere. Use F-Bomb responsibly and obey all traffic laws.



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