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AR9100 Industrial Friction Modifier & System Cleaner - 16 fl oz

AR9100 Industrial Friction Modifier & System Cleaner - 16 fl oz
AR9100 Industrial Friction Modifier & System Cleaner - 16 fl oz
  • Part Number: AR9100-16
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships By Next Business Day

The main purpose of AR9100 is to reduce friction and wear; maintain a deposit free fluid system, extend component life; and to dissipate frictional heat.

AR9100 Nanoborate reduces friction to coefficients of 0.037, half again the friction coefficient of ‘micro boron’, and a fraction of traditional lubricants like zinc, phosphorous and other additives presently used in popular oil and grease formulations.

AR9100 contains various esters which dissolves carbon and varnish, a solution for POWERSTROKE injector stiction which is the  accumulation of carbon and varnish deposits in the injector spool valve resulting in a performance drop, hard starts, drop in fuel economy, injector failure, etc. AR9100 resolves these problems.

AR9100 also has several times the load capacity of both ‘micro boron’ and far more than traditional chemistries, testing at up to 4000 lbs. on the Falex Pin & Vee Block test.

AR9100 is introduced into the oil and the esters totally dissolve all deposits allowing the nanoborate to form a strong chelate bond, the esters also enhance the lubricant for increased performance. Friction wear reduced over 75%.

AR9100 greatly exceeds the challenges presented by today’s tightened fluid system tolerances not addressed by today’s oils as a result of EPA regulations reducing the solid boundary additive zinc, used to protect against wear.

AR9100 significant reductions in friction also has the highly desirable side effect of increasing the system’s fuel efficiency. Nanoborate lubrication reduces the amount of energy required to operate the system.

AR9100 will lower engine noise and vibration, and when used with AR6200 Combustion Catalyst and Burn Modifier a knowingly increase in performance and power.

NOTE: If using AR9100, the AR2300 Fluid System Cleaner is not required for the engine. May be used for the transmission.

    • All engines old or new
    • Class 1-8 vehicles
    • Marine
    • Gear boxes (Jack pumps)
    • Replaces zinc for tappet lifters
    • Motorcycles including wet clutche
    • Plus many other applications where friction reduction and fluid system cleaning is desired

Note: This is for one(1) application.

Archoil part number: AR9100-16

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