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AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex

AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex
AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex
  • Part Number: AR6200-x

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AR6200 tested under the EPA Carbon Balance (CMB), the most accurate and number one test used by the EPA to test fuel mileage and emissions resulted in over 8% improved fuel economy. AR6200 also tested under the SAE J1321 Type ll test resulted in a 8.20% improvment in fuel economy.

AR6200 increases the surface area of fuel droplets to increase the burn rate resulting in a more efficient use of fuel. AR6200 is engineered to lower the ignition point of fuel as much as 400º F therefore modifying the burn at a lower temperature utilizing more BTU’s and providing more energy during the combustion process. This also eliminates black smoke with a major reduction in carbon due to a much higher burn rate. A decrease in fuel usage is realized with added horsepower and torque. AR6200 is for use in all carbon based fuel types including heating oil and bunker fuel, 1 ounce treats 80 gallons of fuel.

AR6200 is used worldwide in every type of application including power plants, ships, mining equipment, fuel storage, fleets, adding needed fuel attributes not added at the additive dispersant location.

AR6200 is also a fuel stabilizer for maintaining fuel not in use for many years. AR6200 is also a polymerization retardant which restores aged fuel. Diesel fuel is estimated at 35% degraded by the time it reaches the filling station.

AR6200 is the only fuel treatment needed to address the major limitations inherent in fuel

AR6200 is nonhazardous and may be air freighted worldwide

AR6200 CMB test are available upon request for fleets, mining and industry

ARCHOIL® AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex – High Concentrate Product Tech Sheet


For diesel, gasoline and all carbon based fuels
5ml treats 50L - 13 gallons- 5ml is one hash mark on bottle measuring chamber
1/4oz per 20 gallons
1oz per 80 gallons
1 gallon per 10,000 gallons for: Gasoline and Diesel
1 gallon per 15,000 gallons for heating fuel (1oz treats 120 gallons)
1oz treats 40 gallons for 2 stroke fuel

8.45oz Treats 250 Gallons

16.9 Treats 500 Gallons

Archoil part number: AR6200-8

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