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Universal- Case of 3 (1-Gallon Bottles) Sun Coast SC-Type-D ATF Case Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid (Case)

Fits: Universal

This Sun Coast SC-TYPE-D ATF Case Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid(Case) is on the cutting-edge of transmission fluid technology fluid technology. This new full synthetic transmission fluid has all the ingredients required to enhance the lubricating properties of your high-stress transmission. Anti-wear, rust and corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants, and surfactants are among the specialist additives that protect and clean metal surfaces. They have also included modifiers, seal and swell additives, and anti-foam additives that are very specialized. This transmission oil offers less viscosity at low temperatures than other transmission fluids on the market, reducing parasitic drag under cold driving conditions. 

Sun Coast: SC-Type-D ATF Case

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