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Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme

Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme
Hot Shots Secret Diesel Extreme

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  • Part Number: P0404X
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Concentrated System Cleaner + Cetane Booster

 Dirt and water in your fuel system steal the power from your diesel. Your engine needs extreme cleaning. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is a new and powerful formula designed to rejuvenate your diesel’s fuel system’s performance. Add a dose of Diesel Extreme at your next fill up and your engine’s fuel system will be cleaned, restored and boosted to its original performance power.

Diesel Extreme will clean everything in your tank, lines and injector tips and remove moisture. When used in conjunction with Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator you will be giving your truck a complete cleaning on the inside. Stiction Eliminator is cleaning the oil side of the engine while Diesel Extreme cleans the fuel side. This product contains anti-oxidants and is not formulated for use in gasoline engines.

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