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F-Bomb HELLFIRE +8 Cetane Booster Diesel Fuel Performance Enhancer 16oz Bottle

Fuel-Bomb HELLFIRE +8 Cetane Booster Diesel Fuel Performance Enhancer

Works on All Diesel Vehicles
The Most Powerful Diesel Fuel Additive on Earth!
Fuel Bomb's HELLFIRE is a unique proprietary blend of chemicals to help your diesel run more powerfully.

HELLFIRE will do the following:

  •     Cleans Fuel Injector Systems: Decarbonizes fuel injector nozzles and combustion chamber
  •     Improves Cetane Number by 8 Points
  •     Great Value: Treats 125 Gallons of Diesel Fuel. Costs less then 12 cents a gallon!
  •     Lowers Flash Point of diesel fuel
  •     Improves fuel economy(MPG)
  •     Cleans Fuel Injector systems
  •     Decarbonizes nozzles and combustion chamber
  •     Reduces exhaust emissions
  •     Easier Starts

Hellfire General Warning: When used in conjunction with a heavy right foot you may experience increased adrenaline output as well as elevated testosterone production. If conditions stay elevated for more than 4 hours seek medical attention or contact your local F-Bomb representative.

What can Hellfire be used in?


  •     Light duty diesel trucks
  •     Passenger cars
  •     Semis
  •     Large frame generators
  •     Back up generators
  •     Motor homes
  •     Tractors
  •     All types of diesel farm equipment
  •     Pretty much anything that runs on diesel fuel!

MSDS Safety Sheets: We will be receiving the new MSDS sheets for HELLFIRE very soon.  Click HERE for the F-Bomb PDF MSDS sheets.

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Diesel Power Products part number: DPP-FB002  

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