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Fleet-Tech Turbo Diesel Fuel Additive, Pint CC2588

Fleetguard Turbo Diesel Fuel Additive, Pint CC2588

From Fleetguard Fleetguard


Product discontinued


Fleetguard CC2588 All-Season Diesel Fuel Additive is formulated specifically for use in Turbo Diesel engines and provides year-round benefits.

  • Stabilizes diesel fuel
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Reduces CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)
  • Reduces Asphaltene filter plugging
  • Prevents wax gelation
  • Boosts Cetane rating
  • Improves cold weather starting
  • Prevents ice crystal formation

1 pint treats 30-50 gallons of diesel fuel.

For more information from FLEETGUARD on this product, download this PDF file.

Fleeguard Part #:CC2588

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