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Ram EcoDiesel Power-Max Water-Methanol Injection Kit

14+ Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel Power-Max Water-Methanol Injection Kit

List price: $736.83  


You save: $36.84 (5%)

1/4" High Temp Nylon Tubing


Get 50 HP, 111 lb-ft of torque, 4 pounds of boost, increased fuel economy, and decreased regen from a cooling running EcoDiesel! The POWER-MAX Water-methanol injection system from Snow Performance uses a progressive controller that commands two stages of water-meth that proportionally inject more or less according to boost pressure. Start and full points on the Ram EcoDiesel POWER-MAX water-methanol injection kit are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve to match what the engine requires; increasing EcoDiesel performance. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives an accurate delivery of water-methanol and allows cooling and EcoDiesel performance improvements over a wide range for improved drivability.

New for 2015, the POWER-MAX introduces the VC-50 Controller. The VC-50 offers the funcunality of a boost gauge and water-methanol controller all in one! Highlighting a 7 color (Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green) OLED screen displaying boost, percentage of injection, secondary nozzle activation, prime button, and 2 fault codes directly on the screen.


  • Made In USA
  • Reduced EGTs
  • Increased HP + Boost
  • Cleans Engine Combustion Of Carbon Build Up
  • Reduced Emissions (Less Regen)
  • Progressive Water-Methanol
  • Features:
  • Boost Gauge and Adjustable Progressive Boost Activated Controller
  • 7 Color OLED Screen Displays Boost, Injection Percentage, Injection Error (s), Prime Button, Second Stage Activation
  • New Prime Feature Ensures Water-Methanol In Lines With Push of A Button
  • EcoDiesel Injection Boot (No Drilling For Nozzles!)
  • Dual Stage Water-Methanol Technology
  • Nickel Plated Metal Fittings
  • Industry Leading 300 PSI UHO Pump For More Pressure Than The Competition
  • Your Choice of Red, Blue, or Black Methanol Resistant High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • 2 Proprietary Hypersonic™ Nozzles For The Best Atomization On The Market

Whats In The Box:

  • 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
  • All Tubing Necessary for Installation
  • 20' ¼ Inch High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • 36" High pressure Boost Line
  • Progressive VC-50 Controller (52mm gauge)
  • Pigtail Harness
  • EcoDiesel Injection Boot/Hose Clamps
  • Dual Nozzle Upgrade
  • POWER Solenoid Upgrade
  • Bulkhead Fitting To Tap Into Stock Windshield Washer Reservoir
  • 2 Nozzle Holder/Check Valve Combo
  • 2 Hyper-Sonic™ Nozzles
  • Required Hardware Needed For Installation
  • Snow Performance Running S Decal
  • Comprehensive Instructions to Install on RAM EcoDiesel
  • Snow Performance 1-Year Warranty

Snow Performance part number: 440

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