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Power Driven Diesel Full Synthetic Oil 15W-40 Gallon

Power Driven Diesel Full Synthetic 15W-40 Engine Oil is a premium formulation developed for performance turbo diesel engines.  PDD Full Synthetic 15W-40 is based on a CI-4 formulation, that has been enhanced with a custom additive package including a heavy dose of ZDDP (the best anti-wear additive available); the result of nearly 2200 PPM ZDDP is unbeatable wear protection for your engine at any power level!  From mild tow trucks to 3000 HP full competition engines, PDD Full Synthetic Engine oil is what we use and recommend for everything we work on.

Starting with CJ-4 and later CK-4 diesel engine oil, the focus of oil formulation shifted towards allowing emissions components to last through the government-mandated 100,000 mile warranty. All engines burn some oil, and the oil industry knew that certain anti-wear additives (such as ZDDP) were harmful to these devices, so they reduced the ZDDP content of CJ-4 and further reduced it in CK-4 oils in order to meet emissions equipment life cylcle requirements. Reduced ZDDP is great for emissions devices, but shortens the lifespan of the engine.  Many diesels never came with emissions devices. Using the most modern CJ-4 or CK-4 oils in engines without emissions equipment is sacrificing engine longevity for no reason. Check out the video below for more information:

Power Driven Diesel Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 is the best choice for performance diesel engines without emissions devices. Set yourself up for more power and longer engine life today!

Warning: We do not recommend this product for vehicles with emissions devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. The additive package in this oil will shorten the life of these devices.

PDD: 81009095001

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