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Calibrated Addiction EcoDiesel ECM Tune (Bench Flash Only)

Calibrated Addiction EcoDiesel ECM Tune (Bench Flash Only)

Old price: $899.00  


You save: $44.95 (5%)

The ECM must be removed (passenger firewall) and sent in to be tuned. First place the order and print the order confirmation. Include the order confirmation in the box when shipping the ECM in. We will include shipping back to you. This tuning is for OFF ROAD USE ONLY 

NOTICE: If the vehicle currently has a message displayed stating ‘DPF Full 100%’ or anything along those lines, you will need to have the dealership (or shop with access to the factory scan tool/application) perform a DPF Replacement Procedure using the factory scan tool. The physical DPF does not need to be replaced at this time, but the vehicle will need to be trailered back from the dealership without starting it to ensure that message isn’t thrown again before pulling the ecm to send to us!”

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