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4 Inch Dual Smoke Stack Pickup Truck T-Pipe Kit

4 Inch Dual Smoke Stack Pickup Truck T-Pipe Kit

From Grand Rock Grand Rock




4" Stack Pickup Truck T-Pipe Kit
By Grand Rock

The 4 inch T-Pipe sits in the bed, and only one hole needs to be cut in the bed of the truck.
It is designed to fit full-size Ford, Chevy, & Dodge pickup trucks.
This kit fits 4" OD Stacks.

There is a 2-3 day lead time on this part before item ships.
Kits include everything needed to mount the stacks and connect to your existing exhaust system.
A section of flex pipe is included as is a reducer to connect to your existing exhaust.

Smaller exhaust pipe hookup sizes increase the price as we then include reducers & clamps. 

Kit includes bright stainless unistrap clamp to secure stacks
Quality AccuSealTM heavy gauge band clamps included in kits

Everything included except chrome stacks. Down Pipes, Muffler and Intermediate Pipe not included with these kits.

Under-bed T-pipes are not available, due to fuel tank clearance issues.

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