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Dodge & Ford Super Duty Dana 60 EMF Ball Joint Set

Dodge & Ford Super Duty Dana 60 EMF Ball Joint Set
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Dodge & Ford Super Duty Dana 60 EMF Ball Joint Set
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  • Part Number: 8607-80026-KIT
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** SET OF 4 **  EMF Dana 60 Upper and Lower Ball Joints


 - 2000-2005 Ford Excursion

- 1992-1997 Ford F350 Gas & Diesel

- 1999-2019 Ford F250 & F350 Superduty

- 1999-2004 Ford F450 Superduty

- 2011-2019 Ford F450 Superduty

- 1999-2004 Ford F550 Superduty

- 1994-1999 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD

Not sure if you need Regular or Oversized Ball Joints? Click here for a tech article. 

Dana 60 REGULAR SIZE Upper Ball Joint Housing Measurement - 1.751"

Dana 60 REGULAR SIZE Lower Ball Joint Housing Measurement - 1.979"


Facts About EMF Ball Joints
  • 3 Canadian and US Patents covering the design
  • Rebuildable so you will never have to purchase an entire unit again, you simply replace the inner race and pin and off you go. You can do this right on the truck without removing the housing from the knuckle
  • Serviceable so if you ever start to feel movement in the joint, you simply back out the set screw on the side of the cap and tighten the cap then replace the set screw. This can be done right on the truck without having to remove anything from the knuckle.
  • Greaseable so you can just pump a couple squirts of grease into it around every oil change and go
  • The entire unit is 100% Canadian Made by an Alberta Small Business. We have a strict Quality Assurance policy and each piece we make is numbered and logged with tolerances and measurements documented so if there is ever a problem we can look back on when it was manufactured and what the material specs were. 
  • EMF is the only Ball Joint with the removable race and pin (part of our patents).  Competitor products have a removable pin that can be rebuilt, however the inside of the housing will wear as the pin wears resulting in the inevitable replacement of the entire unit in the future, as the pin will no longer possess a tight fit.  By having the internal race and pin set on the EMF ball joint, the race will act as the wear point instead of the housing body creating a long lasting unit.
  • EMF’s price point is set below the competitor pricing which is very enticing to the customer. We are not only a manufacturer and business, we are also the consumer so we wanted to have something affordable and high quality available.
  • Each EMF Ball Joint unit is made from 4140 HTSR material and then sent to a metal treating facility to be Nitride Coated. Gas Nitriding is a second heat treating process on the material resulting in up to a 30% strength increase as well as a beautiful black corrosion resistant coating that also resists galling and does not reduce the tolerances of the pieces. 

What makes EMF different than the other Rebuildable Ball Joints on the market?

  • As the years go by and miles are put on the truck and normal wear and tear happen, the Internal parts of the Ball Joints will also begin to wear. If, at any time, you start to feel Up and Down Play in the Lower Ball Joint, you simply take the set screw out of the side of the housing and tighten the Ring, then put the set screw back in, grease and you’re good to go!
  • EMF Ball Joints are TRULY REBUILDABLE – Which means inside the Ball Joint housing there is a removable race and pin. This removable race acts as the wear point inside the housing, protecting it from any damage.  When the time comes to rebuild the Ball Joint, there is no need to press the housing out of the knuckle.  You simply rebuild the Ball Joint right on the truck by removing the set screw on the side of the body, then removing the Threaded Ring or Cap using a Spanner Wrench.  Finally, you pop the internal race(s) and pin out and put the new ones in, tighten up the Ring/Cap, put the set screw back in and grease!  Saving you Time and Money.
  •  EMF is a Canadian Company, which means we need parts that last in all sorts of extreme temperatures. EMF Ball Joints are manufactured by us in our humble shop in Alberta, Canada.  EMF Ball Joints are made from 4140 HTSR Chromoly Steel and then they go through a process called Gas Nitriding and this is what gives the material added strength and the smooth, long lasting, anti-galling black finish.
  • We don’t believe customers should have to pay an arm and a leg for good parts so we try to keep costs as low as we can while keeping the quality as high as we can offer.


EMF Ball Joint Warranty

  • Life-Time Warranty against Material and Manufacturers Defects. EMF will replace part of or the entire unit if it is determined to be an issue that falls under this category.  The customer is encouraged to contact EMF directly to determine cause of fault and to receive warrantied products.
  • Warranty does not cover breakage due to misuse of the product, improper installation or as a result of another component failure on the vehicle.
  • EMF Ball Joints are meant to be rebuilt, which means the internal races and pin will wear over time under normal circumstances. The internal race and pin components are not covered by replacement Warranty, unless it is determined there is a manufacturer defect that caused premature wear.  In order to maximize your product life, regular maintenance which includes greasing at every oil change and tightening of the cap or ring as needed.

Dana 60 Install Instructions:


☐   After removal of old ball joints, remove wedge collar from housing.  Clean collar and housing.

☐   Clean lower housing / tapered hole of any grease and rust. DO NOT USE ABRASIVES TO CLEAN!

☐   Clean rust and dirt from knuckle.

☐   Install Ball Joints using the appropriate supplied protection washers on the face of the ball joints to prevent damage to the rings when pressing in with ball joint press. The washers are not needed after install – they can be thrown away or kept for possible future use if desired.


☐   Loosely place wedge collar in the housing.

☐   Slide the knuckle into place and install lower Nord-Lock locking washer and 7/8”-14 nut on lower pin.

☐   Torque Lower Nut to 150 ft. lbs

☐   Rotate Knuckle side to side and make sure it moves freely.  **IF THE KNUCKLE DOES NOT MOVE FREELY, SEE TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE BELOW**

☐   Take the NON-NYLOCK ¾”-16 Install Nut and Torque upper ball joint pin to 90 ft lbs.

☐   KNUCKLE WILL BE TIGHT.  Use a socket or pipe that will fit over the Upper Ball Joint Nut and sit flat on wedge collar.

☐   Tap Down with a hammer, Knuckle will loosen.

☐   Re-Torque Upper Ball Joint Nut to 90 ft lbs

☐   Rotate Knuckle back and forth, ensuring a smooth motion.


☐   Install ¾-16 Nylock Nut on the Upper Ball Joint and torque to 110 ft lbs.



☐   Grease the LOWER Ball Joints first until the grease gun starts to become firm.

☐   Then grease the UPPER Ball Joints until the grease gun becomes firm

☐   Grease the LOWER Ball Joints again for a couple more pumps

☐   Rotate the knuckle side to side to distribute the grease evenly throughout the ball joints.  The knuckle should go from stiff and hard to move, to easier to move side to side freely.

☐   Now you want to repeat the steps again, starting with greasing the lower ball joint first, as many pumps as you can get.  Then the upper ball joint (if you can get any more in). 

☐   Cycle the knuckle back and forth until it frees up and grease is evenly distributed within the joint.  If the knuckle feels too stiff, depress the grease fitting to relieve pressure on the joint.

☐   If everything feels good, proceed with re-assembly of the axle as per your manufacturer’s instructions.



☐   IF IT IS TIGHT, UNDO.  Separate knuckle from housing, remove collar from housing and start over!

☐   Make sure there is a gap between the wedge collar and the housing.

We CANNOT accept returns on ball joints if you attempted to install them. We can only accept returns on BRAND NEW ball joints.
The box and its contents must not be covered in greasy fingerprints, either.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice