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Parking Light/Marker Light on Tow Mirror 10+ Cummins


1.       Remove door panels.

2.       Starting with driver side, locate turn signal wire coming off your mirror using test light.  Dodge is typically white with black stripe.

3.       Cut signal wire, then connect the black end of my harness to the top of cut wire (end closest to mirror).  Connect the green end of my harness to the bottom of the cut wire.  SEE PHOTO 1

         Test to make sure turn signals are working

5.       Run red wire from parking light fuse (under hood) through the fire wall and through driver side door loom.  SEE PHOTOS 2 AND 3

6.       Attach other end of the red wire to the red end of my wire harness.

7.       Driver side parking light should now come on.

8.       Repeat steps 2-4 on passenger side.

9.       Run green wire through passenger door loom and under carpet to driver side.  Using the supplied Ttap, tap green wire into the red wire that you ran.  Connect the other end of this green wire to the red lead on my harness.  SEE PHOTO 4

10.   BOOOOM, congratulations.  You now have functioning parking lights on your mirrors.  JUST LIKE PHOTO 5

11.   Reinstall door panels and show it off.

12.   Don’t forget to tag @elevatedalliance_nick on IG and post pics to the elevated alliance FB group.

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