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98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins ATS 3 Piece Pulse Flow Exhaust Manifold Kit W/ Gaskets & Premium Hardware

ATS Pulse Flow Exhaust Manifold Kit Fits 1998.5-2002 5.9L Cummins 3-Pc T4 With Gaskets Premium Hardware

Since ATS released the first Pulse Flow Manifold in 1995, the quest to provide the very best Manifold on the market has never stopped. Nearly 35 years later, ATS is still leading the industry with the best flowing and most reliable manifolds on the market. Featuring a patented bell mouth design and D3 High Silica Molly Cast Iron, the cummins manifold from ATS lowers EGTs by reducing back pressure with increased exhaust gas flow.

  • D3 HSM Material won’t crack like stock gray iron.
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved exhaust flow
  • Patented ball flange design


  • TS Pulse Flow Exhaust Manifold Fits 1998.5-2002 5.9L Cummins 3-Pc T4 
  • Turbo Flange Hardware Kit
  • T4 Turbo Flange Gasket 
  • Premium Manifold Gaskets
  • Premium ATS Studs:
  • ATS Diesel's Premium Black Oxide Exhaust Manifold Studs are made from 12.9 grade steel to make them stronger than stainless steel and designed to last while still looking good.
  • Higher Tensile Strength (over 185,000psi)
  • Higher Clamping Force (Torque to 40 ft-lbs)
  • Includes Washers and 12 Point Nuts

ATS: 204-951-2218

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