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DPS Turbonator VGT/VNT Variable Geometry Turbine Housing Only

DPS Turbonator VGT/VNT Variable Geometry Turbine Housing Only




DPS Turbonator® Variable Geometry Turbine Exhaust Housing



Fits S300 and S400 Turbos with T-3 and T-4

Make your turbo run AMAZING! A complete Game Changer.

DO YOU, Hate how your 2nd Gen Swap Kit runs? 

Have to downshift while towing?

Have no low-end power?

Have to hit high RPM's just to build boost? 

Here's your solution! 


Features & Benefits:

Increases spool-up 200 to 400 RPMs

Increases Low-End Torque & HP

Aerospace Variable Stator Technology

May significantly increase fuel mileage

Lower drive pressures

Exhaust Braking (Electronic Model Only)

Can achieve better than 1:1 Exhaust to Boost Ratio

Widens the operating range of your turbo significantly

Clockable, can be clocked to fit nearly any 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins application

Clockable, can fit most S300 T4 & T3 and S400 T4 Turbos

Fits Turbine Wheel Sizes 71 and 74 mm (83mm S400)

Our Variable Stators are much more efficient than Sliding Style

Extensive CFD tested for unriveled performance



Can be used in Twin/Compound Turbo Applications

Can be used on 2nd Gen Swap Kits

Can be used on 3rd Gen Swap Kits

Can be used on most T3 and T4 applications

Comes with either pneumatic or electronic actuators

Electronic Actuator has Stand-Alone Controller


What it is:

The DPS Turbonator® VGT / VNT turbine housings fit S300 & S400 (T4) Based Turbochargers, designed with aero-space stator technology making it extremely robust and durable. The patented/and patent pending Variable Nozzle technology housing can be clocked independently to fit multiple applications. The ultra efficient stators on the Turbonator improves spool up time up to 400 rpms, lowers EGTs and improves fuel mileage. When our variable nozzle stators were CFD tested against sliding style VGT, like the He351VE, our turbine housing is much more efficient at putting exhaust energy into the turbine, and flows much better overall.

 Out of the hole, this awesome product will seriously improve your turbo's performance everywhere. It will make your turbo spool up like a much smaller turbo at low RPM, and on top-end it the open stators allow maximum airflow and performs like a much larger turbo.  Performs like a .50 a/r housing up to a 1.1 a/r turbine housing. The Turbonator will help you get that heavy load moving and keep it moving even when you hit a grade, while keeping EGT's in check, and improving your diesel's fuel mileage.  It will reduce low-end smoke, and improve low end torque and horsepower.  It reduces smoke because it burns more of the fuel in the cylinder, translating to more power and better fuel mileage.  

 Offered pneumatic or electronic options. The electronic option has built-in exhaust braking.  The electronics with exhaust braking VGT / VNT Turbonator will be released at a later date.  Unlike the Fleece Cheetah VGT, or the BD Screamer VGT, that are merely modified stock He351VE VGT turbos with the small stock housings and stock parts, our Turbonator is a completley new, from stratch, innovative VGT / VNT made for performance applications.  It is unique enough to receive more than one U.S. Patent.  Because the Turbonator is based on the S300 and S400 turbo platforms it flows much more air and exhaust, keeping down drive pressures, and allowing a greater than 1:1 exhaust drive to boost pressure ratio, which is virtually impossible with other turbochargers.


VGT=Variable Geometry Turbocharger

VNT=Variable Nozzle Turbocharger


The DPS Turbonator® is also an excellent choice for the primary charger in a twin (compound) turbo application on your 5.9 Cummins and 6.7 Cummins.


Whether you’re towing, racing, daily driving, or just need a stock replacement, this turbo does it all, as a single turbo or with a twin turbo setup.


Comes with a 1-year, limited warranty.