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South Bend Clutch

South Bend Single & Multi Disk Performance Clutches

South Bend Clutch gives your truck seamless transitions over any terrain, in any situation.  Specializing in pure clutch operation, maintenance and durability, South Bend Clutch offers superior performance parts specifically for the clutch of your diesel truck.  Pure Diesel Power carries South Bend Clutch components for Ford, Chevy and Dodge diesel trucks. 

All South Bend Clutch products are American-made with top-quality materials, by experienced technicians.  If you are experiencing problems with your current clutch, you are looking for enhanced performance, or you are seeking specialized parts to increase the longevity of your surrounding components, South Bend Clutch is your solution.  South Bend Clutch designs and manufactures superior single disk clutches for towing, double disk clutches for extreme power, and even triple-disk and four-disk clutches for competition sled pulls.  South Bend Clutch’s parts showcase superior longevity and strength from their cryogenic freezing process, which realigns molecules within the metal to a denser, more even structure as they are frozen to -300º F and then uniformly thawed.  

Pure Diesel Power supplies South Bend Clutches for a variety of diesel models and speeds.  See the clutch kit selections below to find superior performance parts for your truck.

South Bend Clutch offers clutches for Ford Powerstroke with ZF-6 Speeds, Chevy Duramax with ZF-6 Speeds, Dodge Cummins Getrag 5 Speeds, NV4500 5 Speeds, NV5600 6 Speeds, & the G56 6 Speed.

All of South Bend’s Clutches are made by Americans, for Americans. Put a clutch in your truck that wont slip, chatter, throw disc springs, wear the flywheel or burn up pilot bearings. It doesn’t get any better than this, and you wont find a better made clutch kit than a South Bend Clutch.