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S&B Filters

S&B performance air filters and intake components are specially built to withstand the extreme conditions diesel trucks operate in, while providing enhanced air flow to performance engines.  S&B filters keep air cleaner longer, even on the toughest mud, sand and dirt tracks.  Pure Diesel Power supplies S&B filters for their exceptional longevity and ability to deliver the air flow that enhanced engines require.

S&B filters utilize superior materials that last longer and distribute cleaner air.  Eight layers of high-quality cotton gauze filters air through the system, catching debris in deep pleats that create a larger surface area than any other filter.  S&B filters reduce bleeding and extend the open surface to maximize airflow through the engine.  With the special cleaning solution available online at Pure Diesel Power, S&B air filters may be cleaned and reused without any damaging effects to parts or performance. 

Save money with reusable S&B filters and take advantage of maximum airflow to your engine.  Order filters, air intake kits and components online through Pure Diesel Power.