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Pure Diesel Power stocks an extensive selection of parts, accessories, performance parts and kits from Mopar, one of the most trusted distributors of original factory parts and components.  Mopar provides parts to maintain, repair or enhance your Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge or Ram vehicle both inside and out. 

From heated side mirrors and tow hooks to crucial internal parts such as fuel filters, radiators, cooling fans, struts and hundreds more, Mopar supplies everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  Pure Diesel Power specializes in Mopar parts for high-powered diesel trucks, all with the original design from the manufacturer.  From the smallest joints, bolts and caps and even the Dodge emblem, to vital sensors, relays and filters, Mopar supplies both the aesthetic components and indispensable parts needed to repair, restore or refurbish your truck.


With original factory parts, your repairs are guaranteed to fit perfectly.  Search for a specific part or browse the selection to find the pieces you need.