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Dynomite Diesel

Dynomite Diesel Performance Injectors & Injector Nozzles


For the highest horsepower, smoothest flow and steady, reliable performance, even under extreme conditions, you need the best injectors and injectors’ nozzles.  Dynomite Diesel Performance specializes in custom injectors engineered to give you optimal power and fuel mileage.  Pure Diesel Power carries Dynomite Diesel injectors to enhance Ford Powerstroke trucks, Dodge Cummins Diesel trucks and more. 

Dynomite Diesel injectors deliver consistent, powerful flow to give you more horsepower without overstressing your engine. Dynomite Diesel designs and manufactures custom injectors for champions in competitive racing and tractor pulls, making them the top in their class for demanding tasks on the road or in the ring.  With a variety of nozzles and injectors to choose from, you can outfit your truck with the power you need, whether you are towing, racing, taking on steep grades, tough terrain or heavy hauling at long distances.  

With specialized injectors and nozzles from experts in truck modifiers, you can always count on your truck to get the job done.  Enhance your truck with Dynomite Diesel Performance injectors to put more horsepower at your wheels.