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Magnefine is covered by worldwide patents. It is used by OEMs in Europe USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Professional transmission repairers worldwide install over one million filters on rebuilt transmissions and power steering units. Fleet operators appreciate Magnefine labour savings at service and how it extends transmission life. Any vehicle which puts extra load on a transmission should use Magnefine. This includes towing, 4x4 applications, heavy loads, stop start driving - taxis, fleets or where extended life of the transmission is desired.

Brand: Magnefine Part Number: DFR-1002108
3/8" inlet and outlet. Includes 400 PSI Transmission hoses and clamps. Magnetic In-line Filter. Installation guide is included. Removes 99.997% of all wear metal particles, rated at .5 microns. Install in Minutes. Ideal protection for new vehicles or when rebuilding or installing a remanuf..
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