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Mads Electronics


Mads Electronics tackles advanced diesel performance through the software controlling the engine.  Mads Electronic’s SMARTY and SMARTY Junior tune program select Dodge Cummins engines to extend operation according to your needs, whether you require more speed, towing power, torque, fuel mileage or something else. 

SMARTY tuners allow you to manipulate the fuel injection system of your truck through an easy-to-use electronic interface.  SMARY allows you to control the injection duration, injection timing and rail pressure, which in turn control the speed, RPM, torque and boost created.  While SMARTY tuners work with the truck’s original ECM, they are the only downloader to leave no traceable changes on the ECM when they are set back to stock.  SMARTY allows you to fine-tune your engine operation to suit your needs without deleting the original configuration.

Click to learn more about Mads Electronic’s race tuners and accessories for Cummins diesel trucks.  Order yours online today and plug in to unleash your truck’s fullest potential.