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International is a trusted supplier of industrial and commercial trucks built for heavy service jobs.  Beginning in 1902, International marshals has over 100 years of experience in innovation and development, creating heavy-duty parts and complete trucks for the most extreme applications.  From standard service trucks to heavy towing, long-distance hauling and industrial machinery, International supplies trucks and accompanying parts for every need.

International’s trucks, parts and services are sold across the world through over 1,000 dealers in 90 countries.  Businesses around the world trust International’s top-quality, dependable components in all conditions, from towing in deep snow to hauling across the country. Pure Diesel Power is a certified dealer of International components, supplying sensors, injectors, fuel pumps, camshafts, crankshafts and many more components for diesel engines. 


Repair, refurbish or upgrade your diesel truck with the highest-quality commercial-grade parts and components from International.  Order online from Pure Diesel Power and contact us for more information on any order.