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Industrial Injection


Industrial Injection specializes in optimal power and efficiency for diesel trucks by maximizing the performance of the fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors.  Industrial Injection manufactures custom diesel engine components to promote air flow and put more power behind your engine.  All Industrial Injection components and kits are specially designed and manufactured in the US for Ford, Chevy and Dodge diesel trucks.

Industrial Injection’s custom line of fuel injection pumps and turbos continue to gain popularity among heavy-duty truck enthusiasts.  For pulling, towing and racing, fuel injectors that can keep up with the extra demands are a must to finish the job.  Industrial Injection’s turbos are specially designed for trucks in heavy towing and racing situations, and offers optimal support for aggressive fueling modifications.  In addition to new parts, Industrial Injection also offers a wide array of stock replacement and remanufactured turbos and injectors.

Check out the Phat Shaft, Super Phat Shaft and Silver Bullet series turbos, as well as the Dragon Fly, Dragon Fire, Dragon Flow, & Super Dragon flow series pumps from Industrial Injection.  Click for more details on installation, and contact Pure Diesel Power for more information on any component.