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Evans Engine Coolant

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. pioneered the first commercial waterless engine coolants and has provided non-aqueous engine coolant products to the marketplace for over 20 years.These coolants feature very low vapor pressures and boil at 375°F. The operating temperature of an Evans coolant is always much colder than its boiling point, preventing boil-overs under conditions that can cause water-based coolants to fail. Evans coolants prevent engine hot spots by keeping liquid coolant in contact with all of the hot metal surfaces of the engine coolant jacket at all times. By avoiding water in the coolant, Evans protects against insulating pockets of water vapor, as well as against water-caused corrosion and cavitation erosion. Electrolysis is minimized because Evans waterless coolant has less than one third the electrical conductivity of water-based coolant. By ending boil-overs, Evans coolants expand the acceptable operating temperature range of the coolant, providing a reserve cooling capacity for any liquid cooling system.Evans Cooling Systems has four issued and current U.S. patents for engine coolants as well as additional U.S. patents pending. Patents have been granted to Evans Cooling corresponding to the U.S. patents by a number of foreign countries, including China, India, and Japan. Patent applications corresponding to the latest U.S. filings are pending in foreign countries, as well. Evans is committed to continued research and development of waterless engine coolants to seek further improvements and to strengthen its intellectual property.
Brand: Evans Engine Coolant Part Number: EC42001
Universal 1 Gallon BottleEvans Prep Fluid is a waterless cooling system flush engineered specifically to purge the cooling system of water and water-based antifreeze after draining and before installing new Evans Waterless Coolant. Prep Fluid should be used when block drains are unavailable or canno..
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