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Hellmann Performance


Hellmann Performance products have received rave reviews for their unique design, and have been highly successful in current standards and testing. Joe Hellmann is recognized in Texas as the leader in Diesel Performance!

01-10 GM 6.6L Duramax fuel filter delete.Replaces the stock fuel filter for trucks with aftermarket filtration systems.Machined with fuel pressure port.

         -Delete includes O-Ring and plug for pressure port

Manufactured in the USA in house at Hellmann Performance.

Hellmann Performance part number: Hellmann6.6LFuelFilDel


The Hellmann Billet Intake Manifold is the original one-piece side draft intake manifold. The innovative design was initially created to solve the issues stemming from porting and polishing process on the intake side of the cylinder head.
To properly perform this function, the cast manifold must be cut off of the cylinder head, leaving no way to secure fuel components and intake piping. The Hellmann Performance Billet Intake Manifold will secure to the side of the cylinder head taking the place of the preformed restrictive cast piece. The Manifold is designed with performance in mind; enlarged intake entrance ports are much less restrictive than stock creating superior air flow.

Hellmann Performance’s Billet Intake Manifold is constructed from a single piece of aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum. It is cut to exacting specification in a state of the art CNC machine. The Manifold is predrilled for fuel rail installation, and comes with high grade stainless steel hardware. All predrilled mounting holes have been painstakingly measured to ensure perfect fitment of all OEM fuel components, including being able to accept dual CP3 injection pumps.

The kit also comes with a prefabricated intercooler pipe, v-band clamp, and return line fittings. Manifolds are designed for 2003-present Dodge 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engines.

The pipe & inlet size is 3 inches.


Replaces factory restricted intake horn on 03 – 07 Dodge Cummins. Fabricated with two 1/8th NPT bungs for boost reading or injection. 

Intake horn for 5.9 Cummins Diesel Engines

3" Pipe. 



Lead Time of 1-2 weeks NHRA legal driveline loops for 03 – 07 Dodge Cummins pickups. -Includes both front and rear loops, for four wheel...


Purchased a FASS or Air Dog and tired of having your stock filter? Hellmann Performance solved the problem with an economical fuel filter delete. A single...


Replaces factory heater grid on 98.5 to 2007 Dodge Cummins engines. Adds more air flow to engine. Part number:HELGRIDDELETE


The Hellmann Performance Fuel Distribution Block eliminates the mess of fuel lines associated with dual CP3 systems, or aftermarket high volume fuel pump. (ex. FASS, Air Dog) Once a dual CP3 system is integrated, fuel lines are a mess in the engine bay creating confusion. If running a FASS / Air Dog high volume fuel pump system, OEM canisters are normally the first thing to go. The Distribution Block is designed to mount in the OEM position of the fuel filter canister. The Distribution Block is intended with choice and option in mind.

It is machined with three ½ inch NPT fuel feed ports, five 3/8 inch NPT fuel return ports, and two 1/8 inch NPT fuel accessory ports. The block is machined from aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum, includes mounting hardware, and 2 fuel port block off plugs. It is designed to be used with Dodge Trucks equipped with Cummins Turbo Diesel engines, 1998.5-2007.



The aluminum oil cap is designed to fit all OEM valve covers for Cummins 24 valve engines 98.5+, as well as the Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover. It...


Engraved with "DMAX". Billet Aluminum  


Fits 07.5-2014 Dodge 6.7L Commonrail Cummins By: Hellmann Performance Running lots of boost? Oil leaks from the crankcase breather system on your...

Fits 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Commonrail Cummins
By: Hellmann Performance

Running lots of boost? Oil leaks from the crankcase breather system on your Common Rail Cummins engine? Tired of your engine bay looking plain? Enter the Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover – solve all of these problems at once. This valve cover was originally introduced to solve issues stemming from high boost applications and a very restrictive crankcase breather system. The OEM crankcase breather seals are prone to failure, and spread oil all over the engine bay. The Hellmann Performance Valve Cover System uses dual ¾ inch crankcase pressure outlet lines (rear of valve cover) to flow into a custom fabricated oil catch can. The bottom of the catch can is designed to return all oil back into the oil pan by utilizing the factory oil return location. 

The Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover System includes the Valve Cover, constructed of aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum, the custom fabricated catch can, crankcase breather lines, hose extension (to tie into factory oil return line), clamps, fittings and all mounting hardware. The Hellmann Performance Billet Valve Cover Systems are designed for 2003-Present Dodge 5.9L / 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engines. 

03-04.5 Trucks Have the "Wavy" valve cover like pictured.
If your 04.5-07 Truck has the straight edge valve cover, select the 05+ option below please.

Includes billet oil fill cap!

Substantially more crankcase ventilation for high horsepower applications.

Please allow 5-7 business days before shipment!

By: Hellmann Performance

Sick of 1/4 tank or lower fuel supply issues with a suction tube? Park on a hill with low fuel and now your truck won't start? (with stand tube)

This is the solution! The Hellman Fuel Tank sump mounts on the bottom of your fuel tank and give you the lowest possible point to draw fuel from.  A must have for people that like to utilize the WHOLE tank of fuel!

Requires drilling a 3 inch hole in the bottom of the fuel tank, then bolting the plate from outside the tank.

New! Can be installed without dropping your fuel tank! 

Works great on steel and plastic tanks! ALL sumps now are sent with the split ring design for easy install. See the second picture below.

Now offering sumps with DUAL ports for those of you that requested it. Add $15 for this option.