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Haisley Cast Performance Large Intermediate Cam 89-07 5.9L Cummins

Cam, performance, cast, large intermediate 

  • Made from new cast blank
    •  Made from same type blank that some competitors are calling  "billet"
  • Fly cut required
  • Cam gear retainer w/mounting bolt included
  • No exchange
  • You will also receive and be billed Torco cam lube and Lucas engine break-in additive
  • Will most likely need ether assist depending on compression of pistons to start first thing in the morning if this is install in a vehicle that is still being driven on the street

Kit includes cam gear retainer with bolt. Cam is drilled & tapped for use of retainer as well. DO NOT PUT A RETAINER ON 03+ CUMMINS ENGINES.

There are additional charges for Torco cam lube & Lucas engine break-in oil additive. We do not sell these cams without these items.

We do not accept cores from 89-93 Cummins engines. You'll either have to pay a NON-refundable $400 core charge, or send us a 94+ cam.

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