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Grand Rock

Grand Rock Pickup Smoke Stack Kits


Equip your truck with stand-out parts that are a cut above the rest.  Pure Diesel Power supplies a wide array of kits, components and modifiers for diesel trucks from leading American suppliers, including Grand Rock exhaust systems.  Grand Rock manufactures exhaust systems for America’s hardest working trucks and semis, making their stack kits the best in the business for high-performance modifications. 

Grand Rock kits are made of corrosion-resistant aluminized steel with USA-made double nickel chrome stacks.  Cheaper kits and stacks may warp and weather, and the chrome peels and corrodes over time, but Grand Rock enhancements are built to last.  Like all Pure Diesel Power’s products, Grand Rock exhaust kits aren’t made just for looks; they’re made for performance.  With smooth-flowing exhaust through larger pipes, modified exhaust systems reduce backpressure and enable higher volume flow, giving you enhanced speed, power and fuel mileage. 

Choose from a variety of truck stack kits including turbo-back single and dual kits, T-pipe kits and chrome stacks in Aussie, Turnout, Bull Hauler, Straight Cut and Mitre styles.  Order online or contact Pure Diesel Power for more information on any product.