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Glacier Diesel Power Sure Start Inline Universal Grid Heater

GDP "Sure Start" Universal Grid Heater

Do you have a hard starting diesel? We've got the answer. The new Sure Start intake air preheater by Glacier Diesel Power! Whether it's a diesel engine swap, hard starting farm equipment, or even an old 2 stroke Detroit Diesel, your engine will benefit from the addition of the GDP Sure Start intake air preheater.

Perfect for any type of diesel engine or project. If it has 3.00" or 3.50" intercooler piping or inlet piping our Sure Start heater will get the fire lit in even the coldest weather.

This kit includes the heater assembly with Mil-Spec hose beads for a solid intake connection and a 30" pre-attached ground wire.


  • 200 Amp rated twin element heater (can be used as a 100 amp single element by removing the jumper)


  • Easier cold weather starts
  • No need for harmful starting fluids
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Less cranking time means extended battery life

Note: Momentary switch and relay for heater operation to be supplied by the purchaser/installer. We recommend 4 gauge wire for up to 7 foot wire runs and a simple 200 amp HD starter relay for control (based on 5 second heater application cycles).

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