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Derale 15 Row Atomic Cool Remote Transmission Cooler 15950

Can be mounted anywhere
Electric fan supplies optimum airflow
High efficiency “Radiator Style” fin and plate cooler core
400 CFM 8” dia. reversible Tornado fan
Anodized aluminum mounting brackets
Rated at 26,500 GVW
AN-8, 1/2" ID Inlets

The Atomic-cool Remote Cooler provides the largest temperature drop of any fan mounted cooler. The fin and plate design maximizes heat dissipation and minimizes oil pressure drop, especially important on late model electronic overdrive transmissions. Cooler core has  AN-8 (1/2” ID) inlets, hose barb adapters are included if not using AN hose. Overall size 10” tall, 12-1/2” wide and 4” thick.

This kit also include fan control thermostat, 10’ of hose, mounting hardware and adapter fittings.

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