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Swamps 6/170/50% 04-07 6.0 Liter Injectors

Swamps 6/170/30% 04-07 6.0 Liter Injectors

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170/30 swamps 6.0 injecto

Swamp’s Diesel builds all of our performance 6.0L fuel injectors from Ford Motorcraft injectors, which carry a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

The 6/170/30% is an intermediate level performance fuel injector that is perfectly suited for a “hot street” truck that does both work & “play”. Very little compromise to your day to day driving style will be required, as these injectors are “large enough” to make competitive type power, while still retaining crisp, smoke free performance on the lower horsepower settings on your tuner.

Swamp’s 170/30’s are suitable for trucks that plan on, or have upgrades to the turbocharger. The small-ish, 30% larger than stock injector nozzle is a great compromise between excellent ‘mild street’ & towing performance and a 550rwhp hot street truck.

Custom tuning is not required, but is recommended.

These brand new (& modified) fuel injectors are the most reliable fuel injectors on the market!!! Our processes do not make the fuel injector less reliable. While other companies simply change a nozzle, we meticulously machine the internal components within the injector, and flowtest every injector (as a matched set!) a minimum 4000 injector firings, at a multitude of pressures & durations, to ensure a smooth & powerful vehicle.

While this injector model will work perfectly with "off the shelf" programmers & fueling boxes you may already have on your vehicle; for maximum performance, we highly recommend any of the SCT custom tuners, which can be custom programmed with tuning from Innovative Diesel, or Power Hungry Performance.

Let us supply you with a HOT FICM & a custom tuned SCT programmer for 200+rwhp gains at a significant package discount!!! Please call or email us for more information on a performance package to perfectly match your application!

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