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99-16 Ford Super Duty Daystar Kevlar Infused Body Mounts

Kevlar Infused Polyurethane
Failed OE rubber body mount bushings cause unnecessary noise and a major safety issue. Once the bushings fail, the frame and the body begin to bang against each other while driving down the road. This action can create excessive noise and can damage the undercarriage of your cab. Adding to the list of problems, the banging can also cause minor shifts in the cab, creating an unsafe atmosphere due to extra, unnecessary movement. Your cab will also sit lower when the bushings are worn, leading to distortion in the overall aesthetics of your truck. But Daystar has a kit that can fix these issues with a tough kevlar infused body mount.

Designed to be Different
These body mounts are made to replace the OEM, or stock body mounts on your Ford which are prone to fail over time. Because of this, they look a little different and these particular mounts are actually smaller than the mounts you pulled off of your truck. The reason is simple; polyurethane can do the job of rubber with less material. Also, these bushings are manufactured at the compressed height, so they sit just as high as those rubber bushings did when the weight of the cab was resting on them. Here at DST we are confident that these parts will do a great job of replacing those stock rubber bushings.

Special Polyurethane Blend
The Daystar body mount bushings help to maintain proper body and frame alignment and are resistant to vehicle fluid and road grime. These polyurethane bushings are great for hard working, heavy load toting work trucks. But if you are using your truck as more of a daily driver, with just the occasional heavier load, you might need something a bit softer. You will want to look at the KF04050BK, which are these same bushings but not infused with Kevlar, so the price is a bit cheaper, but still have great strength and durability.

Kit contains:
8 Upper Cab Mounts (O.D - 2.9 inches, Height - 1.5 inches)
8 Lower Cab Mounts(O.D - 2.45 inches Height - .91 inches)
2 Cab Mounts (O.D - 2.9 inches, Inches Height - 1.1 inches)
2 Washers

Daystar: KF04050KV

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