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99-04 Ford 6.0L/7.3L Superduty 4WD Bilstein 5100 Series Steering Damper

This shock tower maintains the stock mounting height of the factory tower but converts to an eyelet upper mount. This is compatible with our 3″ and 6″ Lift Dominator Systems. This shock tower maintains the stock mounting height of the factory tower but converts to an eyelet upper mount. This is compatible with our 3″ and 6″ Lift Dominator Systems.

- 1/4" Cold Rolled Steel

- Fully Gusseted and Braced

- 3/8" Stud Ring for extreme durability

- Black Powdercoat Finish

- Height: 4.75" from base to center of shock bolt.

Bilstein's ride height adjustable 5100 Series replacement shocks for coil-over design front suspension pickups utilize the vehicle's existing stock coil spring.

The 5100 Series (Ride Height Adjustable) shocks feature multiple snap-ring grooves on the body of the shock to accommodate different spring seat positions, allowing height adjustments from 0" to 2.5", depending on the application. By raising the spring seat position, the factory rake can be altered to achieve a level front to rear ride height while accommodating up to 33" diameter tires.

Bilstein's patented digressive self-adjusting valving delivers improved damping control and a smooth ride on all road surfaces at any speed.

  • Zinc-plated bodies

  • Self-adjusting deflecting disc valving

  • High-flow piston reduces harshness

  • Independent rebound & Compression Tuning

  • Larger Working Piston Area for Exact Damping

  • Superior Control for Large Diameter Tires

The Bilstein Principle:

All Bilstein gas pressure struts/inserts and gas pressure shock absorbers operate on the same principle. They are manufactured with the rod pointing down into the strut tube, thereby utilizing the thicker, stouter body portion of the shock absorber to dissipate side loads. Consequently, due to the increased diameter and surface of the pressure tube, the Bilstein gas pressure strut/insert or shock is better suited to take increased side loads when compared with the conventional version.

Additional advantages, based on development strongly influenced by the motorsport industry, include greater stability, better road handling, and accurate steering. This combined with extremely high quality manufacturing and materials, means Bilsteins will last approximately four times as long as Original Equipment.

Battling Heat Build Up:

Conventional shocks trap the heat within the shock body and prevent adequate dissipation, making them prone to heat build up, fade and eventual failure.

Bilstein's patented design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds, preventing aeration (foaming) and viscosity loss. This allows the shock to maintain full damping characteristics as temperatures rise.

The tube of a Bilstein gas pressure shock or strut is fabricated using a special extrusion method. This process achieves an extremely tight peak-to-valley tolerance and maintains consistent wall thickness. Bilstein's seamless monotube design provides superior tube strength while maximizing heat dissipation and shock life.

Ride Comfort and Performance Without Compromise:

The piston head design allows independent tuning of the compression and rebound damping forces to provide optimum ride comfort and performance without compromise. It features fewer parts than most conventional designs. The product's simple, yet exceptionally functional digressive design contributes to the extreme durability and long life of Bilstein Shock Absorbers.

Better Built:

Bilstein's shock bodies are precision formed through a unique seamless extrusion process. This provides superior strength along with high finish tolerances. The shock body is then treated with a special paint finish durable enough to withstand grueling 240-hour salt spray tests. The finished body is mated with a solid, induction-hardened steel chrome plated and polished shaft, machined valving components and highest quality seals.

Bilstein products are backed by an aftermarket lifetime warranty.

Bilstein Part Number: BIL-24-158848

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