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Steroid Power Module 6.0L & 7.3L Powerstroke

Steroid Power Module 6.0L & 7.3L Powerstroke


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STEROID Power Module with adjustable Dial- !SAVE FUEL!
Up to 5MPG gain when used standalone!

Plug and Play!
Adds up to 85HP-120ft lbs of torque! (Stock Truck-No Chip), For all 6.0L Powerstrokes 03.25-Up
Adds up to 85HP-150ft lbs of torque! (Stock Truck-No Chip), For all 7.3L Powerstrokes 99-Up
Increases oil pressure to injectors. This creates better atomization and creates better fuel economy.
Plugs into the MAP Sensor and adjusts the MAP Table, increasing fueling at low RPMs for more low-end power.
Quick, easy install! and works with cruise control.

Fully stackable with other chips and programmers!

We HIGHLY reccomend the use of gauges with this module as it can cause high EGT levels when turned up.
Does not require dual relief valve.
Click here for install instructions

*Include the ICP Pigtail to make this unit PLUG & PLAY

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