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9007 to 9005/6 Foglight Headlight Heavy Duty Wiring Upgrade

9007 to 9005/6 Fog light Headlight Heavy Duty Wiring Harness Upgrade!

2-3 Days to Build Before Shipment

  • Compliments our 9007 Heady Duty Harness, and plugs into the unused 9007 plug on the passenger side.
  • This kit is designed for those that to run the factory fog lights with headlights.
  • This harness is Plug and Play and plugs directly into your existing head lamp wiring.
  • Designed to endure HIGH temperatures for added protection when running high wattage bulbs; 9145 and 9006 bulbs.
  • Anti-Corrosive Lead-Plated terminals for long life and good contact.
  • Includes additional plugs to add additional lighting!
  • Easy to install, this wiring harness will supply battery voltage or more to your headlights.
  • This extra voltage will give you brighter, whiter headlights.
  • Simple plug and play installation using factory style connectors.
  • These are equipped with 2 heavy duty relays and a fusible link for safety!

Click here for install instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Daytime Running Lights (DRL) must be disabled in order to use this harness.

How to disable the DRL on Canadian Trucks

On the Canadian FORD F-250/F-350 trucks, the Daylight Running Light Module (DRL) is bolted to the header panel behind the driver’s side headlight, under the hood. The battery/Air box may be in the way, making it difficult to get your hand between the battery, and header panel to unplug it. If the truck has been running recently, the resistor is going to be VERY hot. This is why it is inside a perforated metal cage. It acts as a heat-sink. There will be a wire that plugs into it from the bottom. Just unplug the wire and let it hang, or zip-tie it out of the way. Now you can upgrade your headlight harness and get better and brighter light.

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