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94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Tymar Performance Cold Air Intake

94-97 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Tymar Performance Cold Air Intake




Tymar Performance Intake

The Tymar Performance Intake is one of the most effective combinations of intake volume and filterization. The Tymar Performance intake has 98% initial filtration efficiency and will lower EGT's because it is much less restrictive than the stock intake system. The turbo will spool quicker and doesn't have to work as hard to take in air. The Tymar Intake is louder than most because it is an open element filter.

Tymar Performance part number: F01

Fleetguard BHAF AH1141 will also fit as replacement. Or click here for Tymar filter.

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From Fleetguard, Fleetguard

We now offer the "BHAF" (BIG HONKIN AIR FILTER) for your 94-02 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Diesel truck.

This solution is a low cost high-flow filter. You simply remove your stock air box completely, set this filter on the fender, and hook up your stock 4" air intake tube to it.
It is a non-cleanable paper element, which filters exceptionally well.

This filter is the same style & dimensions as the Napa 6637 Donaldson filter.

Inlet: 4 Inch
Connection height at inlet: 1.38 Inches
Largest Housing OD: 8.5 Inches
Overall Height: 12.25 Inches

By:  Fleetguard Cummins AH1141

Helpful tip: To easier tell when the filter needs to be replaced, several customers have drilled a small hole in the end of the filter, then inserted the stock filter minder & grommet in the end of the filter.  


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