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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Absolute Performance Oil Cooler Delta Kit

03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Absolute Performance Oil Cooler Delta Kit




This kit’s sole function is attacking the delta spreads so common among 6.0 Powerstrokes. With a custom machined billet oil cooler fitting, high flow lines and fittings, not only does this kit deliver results but it comes with the highest quality components available. 100% Made in America

Testing has shown spectacular results. As low as 0°F spreads with an average of 2°F maintained between engine coolant temp and engine oil temp. A great addition to those trucks that see hot, humid weather conditions frequently, tow heavy, or race often. Perfect for all situations. Driveway friendly install.

This kit is for any 6.0 owners who are seeing high deltas out of their stock or race trucks(deleted). It's a very simple setup that has shown very promising results during testing. Basically, it takes coolant from your oil cooler outlet and reroutes it to a system return that is more than capable of handling the high flow demand of your factory oil cooler. Perfect for all ranges of 6.0 owners. From the guys needing a little help while running higher mileage oil coolers to the guys that tow heavy in the hot summer months and need every bit of help they can get to keep those temps in check. Everyones truck will benefit! Data will be posted within a few days once all testing is completed.

For those who are running aftermarket delete kits or ported manifolds with the egr system intact, these kits can be purchased with our machined manifold plate and mounting hardware. All kits come with everything needed to install. Components are all spec'd to handle maximum engine operating temps for added reliability. These are custom order items and will add shipping time to the order.

Kit contents:

  • Billet Oil Cooler Fitting
  • Delta Line Kit
  • Hardware for install

Absolute Performance part number: ABSO6.0-DELKIT

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