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99-04 Ford Powerstop Cryo'ed Rear Brake Rotors 4x4 SRW

Introducing Nitro Blast cryogenically treated rotors.

Power Stop has teamed up with 300 Below Inc., the founder of commercial cryogenic processing. Power Stop's Nitro Blast brake rotors are processed at 300 degrees below zero, and then heat treated to permanently improve the rotor's performance. The Nitro Blast rotor is highly resistant to abrasion. Independent lab tests show a 324% improvement in wear as compared to an OE replacement rotor. One of the key cryogenic attributes is the reduced risk of the rotor warping because the Nitro Blast cryogenic treatment stress relieved the rotor for the occasional track and auto-cross driver.

Power Stop also recommends using the Nitro Blast slotted rotors and Extreme Truck & Tow severe duty disc pads for applications such as towing, hauling, fleets, and auto-cross and spirited street performance.

1999-2004 Ford F250/F350 Powerstop Rear Rotors for SRW Applications.


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