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2004 F350 C&C 4WD Dually Powerslot Cryo'd Rotor Pair

For competition or severe duty application such as police and ambulance operations we recommend using our units that have undergone cryogenic treatment. This is a one-time process that permanently improves the performance and service life of metals from brake rotors, engine parts, machine tools and gear sets. Using a proprietary computer controlled process, the metal is cooled gradually to -300F, then slowly heat-cycled to +300F as a final step.


Although not apparent to the naked eye, the improvements to the rotor are significant. Residual stress points formed during the casting process are redistributed evenly, giving the rotor an extra level of protection against warping.

We carry only some of the fastest selling units in stock, and most need to be special ordered with a wait time of about 10 days. Cost varies by rotor , but is usually about $30.00/rotor over the price of our normal Power Slot units.

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