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Red-Head Steering 97-05 Ford F250/F350 Excursion Red-Head Steering Gear Box

97-05 Ford F250/F350 Excursion Red-Head Steering Gear Box
Red-Head Steering 97-05 Ford F250/F350 Excursion Red-Head Steering Gear Box

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  • Part Number: RH-276x
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships By Next Business Day

These steering boxes are built in Washington state and offer unmatched steering control and longevity. This gearbox allows you to retain the factory steering shaft, as well as the stock pitman arm.  This is a major advantage especially those with lifted trucks with dropped pitman arms, you will not have to change your pitman arm.

What makes a Red-Head steering gear better than your average parts store reman box?
Our re-manufacturing process includes:

  • Machining out the housings and installing needle bearings
  • Flame-spraying or replacing the shafts as needed
  • Installing new control valves on some applications
  • Custom fitting each worm & piston assembly with special ordered, precise over-sized ball bearings.

We also install every sector shaft on a lathe to check to be sure it is straight and true & polish the sealing surface to a higher polish than new

Red-Head Steering Boxes require a $250 refundable core charge that will be refunded to you once Red-Head receives your core box back. Cores with broken shafts or cases will receive partial or no core refund. Customer is responsible for core return shipping cost. No return label is included.

NOTE:  There is a mid-model year split in 2000, please determine whether you have the early or later model steering box prior to ordering by counting the splines on the shaft.  The early models have 32 splines, while the late have a 36 spline.  Thus, the Red-Head #2764 will feature 32 splines, where the #2764NBS will have 36.


Red-Head part number: 2764, 2764BS

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