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11-12 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diamond T Stock HP Triple Disk 8 Lug Torque Converter

11-12 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diamond T Stock HP Triple Disk 8 Lug Torque Converter
11-12 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diamond T Stock HP Triple Disk 8 Lug Torque Converter

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  • Part Number: FT11ST-8
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

These Torque Converters are built in the USA with the highest grade components and come with a lifetime non-transferable warranty for defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use. They are designed to improve acceleration, pulling power, and efficiency of your vehicle to the max. Unlike other "mass produced" re-manufactured torque converters, Diamond T technicians keep all of the original parts together during the re-manufacturing process to assure a matched set of components. Other re-manufacturers disassemble hundreds of torque converters and mix all of the parts in large bins. Keeping the parts together results in improved quality. All parts are inspected thoroughly and any marginal parts are replaced. They take the TIME to build quality into each and every Torque Converter. Many other companies do not measure the thickness of the housing and when they machine the surface it makes the metal too thin and leads to early failure. If your housing is less than the OEM specs, they replace it with a new one. The torque converters are precision balanced with a computerized balancer. Only the best clutch materials are used. The torque converters are pre-charged with transmission fluid. This helps to prevent rust on the internal components leading to early failure in case it is exposed to any humidity before installation. Quality testing is performed on each and every Torque Converter before it leaves the facility.

Torque Converter Information:
-Triple Disk
-Triple Bearing
-8 Lug Cover
-Heavy Duty Design
-Lifetime Warranty!

***You will need to check the converter you are pulling out to make sure it is the 8 lug and not the 6 lug design.

This warranty will be null and void if repair or replacement is required because of improper installation, accident, physical and, or, neglect, misuse or any other cause other than the ordinary and intended use for which the Product was designed, or if the Product has been dismantled, altered and, or, repaired by the customer or any third party.

Core charge applies

Customer is responsible for core return shipping

Diamond T: FT11ST-8

Lame California Prop 65 Notice