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03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke 5R110 Transmission External Filter Delete Kit

If you have upgraded your 5R110 (TorqShift) to the 2009 pan and filter, you can use this kit to delete your OEM external filter.

Kit includes all fittings and 20' of  1/2" Hydraulic Hose.

If you have a Ford Superduty 2003-2007 with an automatic transmission, you want to consider this upgrade. Ford improved the design of the filter for the 2008 model year. The new filter is a full-filter, full-flow filter. The '2003-2007 Superduty's  were equipped with an external filter housing that had a basic bypass filter in it. This basic bypass filter only sees minimum amount of ATF flow when the filter is new. Once the filter starts to become restricted from clutch material and debris, less ATF fluid flows through the filter.  Result: Less Filtration!  If you have followed your transmission service intervals at every 30,000 miles with flushes and filter changes, you should be saving for a new Legendary Transmission from Dieselsite.  It might not be too late.  Here are your options:

Replace your pan and filter with the one of the following:

Pan Options
Ford Steel OE Pan 8C3Z-7A194-B
Mag-Hytec Deep Pan from Dieselsite
PML Deep Pan from Dieselsite (Please call in interested) Part number 11409

New Filter
Ford Filter FT-180-8C3Z-7A098-D (local Ford Dealership)
Dieselsite Filter 5R110

External Filter Delete Kit
Dieselsite 5R110 Delete Kit 5RDK

Part number: 5RDK
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