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99-05 Ford Dana 50 Front Axle Inner Axle Seal and Tool Kit

QK4808 Fixed Depth Inner Axle Seal Kit for 1999-2005 Ford Dana 50 Monobeam Front AxlesFixed Depth QK4808 uses QT1127 Model 50 Seal Installer which will stop when your new seal is installed to the original depth. Makes life simple. See Tech Note 3 below! This Kit will quickly and easily press in the new Inner Axle Seals included without damage because the installation tool cups the seal so the force is only applied on the outer shell.

Also Available: Adjustable Depth QK4643. You have to watch how deep you install the seal. See Tech Note 4 below.

For Ford Excursion and 1999-2004 Super Duty® trucks, we offer our optional, color illustrated, step-by-step Tech Service Bulletin, TSB4643 Inner Axle Seal Replacement ServiceSee Tech Note 2.

For Tool Sets without Seals: TS4643 and TS4808

Need More Info? Use the handy Links below to access over 40 years of Dan's product and vehicle specific Tech Notes to easily get the information you need for your vehicle's repair, maintenance, or upgrade project!

Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
QK4808 Kit Includes
4x4 Tech Publications
Quicker Installation For Dana 50 Axle
Exploded Views
Seal Remover Tool
When Replacing
Ford’s 2011 Model Year
Optional Tool Sets
Matching Parts
Matching Kits
Matching Publications

Tech Note 1: QK4808 Kit Includes
(2) QU40244 Axle Shaft Seals
QT1127 Dana 50 Fixed Depth Axle Seal Installer See Tech Note 3 Below!
QT1129 Dana 50 Axle Thrust Plate
QTA1133 Press Screw Assembly

Tech Note 2: 4x4 Tech Publications
Your brakes, wheel hubs, axle shafts, and differential must be removed from the housing to replace your QU40244 Inner Axle Shaft Seals. For Ford 1999-2004 Super Duty®, please refer to these 4x4 Tech Publications for service procedures:
TSB4643 Includes 5 pages of Step-by-Step procedures with 17 full-color photographs. Covers axle shaft removal, inner axle seal replacement, axle shaft reassembly, differential oil specs, differential gear backlash, torque specs and wrench sizes for fasteners. Explains in text and photos how to change the Inner Axle Shaft Oil Seals located next to the differential. Includes detailed axle shaft oil seal replacement procedures, tool recommendations, and torque specifications that you need to correctly perform inner seal replacement plus check the gear backlash on your Ford Excursion or 1999-2004 Ford F250, F350, F450, or F550 Super Duty® 4x4 Dana Spicer Model 50 or Model 60 front axle.
TM4637 Front Axle Tech Manual for Ford Excursion and 1999-2004 Super Duty is a 17 page, color illustrated, step-by-step printed shop repair manual that includes our four Tech Service Bulletins plus Front Axle Exploded ViewsTM4637 covers: Front Hub Service (TSB4594), Axle Shaft Service (TSB4610), Ball Joint Service (TSB4591), and Inner Axle Seal Replacement Service (TSB4643), including torque specs all in one manual.
TM4688 4x4 Hub, Axle Shaft, Ball Joint, and Axle Shaft Seal Service Manual includes 76 full color printed tech pages with precise and detailed service instructions, plus a color photo for every step. (Includes all info in TM4637.) Close to 400 color photographs, color Exploded Views and Parts Guide. Comprehensive service information for replacing Front Axle Shaft Oil Seals, Axle Universal Joints, Ball Joints, Knuckle Seals, Axle Shaft Needle Bearings, Wheel Hubs, and Hub locks. Also covers basic Front Brake Service. Additionally includes complete torque specs, and tool recommendations.

Tech Note 3: Quicker Installation for Dana 50 axle
QK4808 uses QT1127 Model 50 specific Fixed Depth Seal Installer which has a raised flange on it that will stop against the axle bore face when the seal is at the correct depth. This is a more fool-proof setup than QK4643, but it is more expensive and you cannot use the QT1127 Seal Installer on a Model 60 axle. Choose QK4808 for super simple and even quicker installation for your Dana 50 axle.

Tech Note 4: Seals
The Inner Axle Seals used on 1999 to 2005 Dana 50 and Dana 60 Ford front axles are the same, however, the depth the seals that are installed in the housing is different.

With the QK4643 Kit, you get QT1126 Seal Installer which is made to work with both Model 50 and 60 axles. It's less expensive, but you have to know when the seal is at the correct depth. QT1126 is made so that when the back face of the Installer is flush with the Model 50 axle bore face, the seal will be at the correct depth.

Choose QK4643 Kit for price and versatility, keeping in mind you have to stop pressing the seal in when it is to the correct depth. However, YOU MUST be careful you do not set the seal TOO DEEP which may place the seal beyond the axle shaft seal surface!

Tech Note 5: Exploded Views
QU40244 Inner Axle Seal is item 35 in the Differential Parts Full Color Exploded View. The Differential Parts Full Color Exploded Views are included in these 4x4 Tech Publications for Ford Excursion and 1999-2004 Super Duty®: TM4637, and TM4688.

Tech Note 6: Seal Remover Tool
Once the axle is disassembled, the old seals can be easily removed with our QK4647 Seal Remover Tool Set or other suitable tool such as a length of sturdy pipe that will fit inside the axle tube and oil guide. You will also need to clean the inside of the axle tube to remove dirt and crud that could get pushed into your new seal during reassembly. QK4647 is made to fit through QU20039 Plastic Axle Shaft Guides which are located in the axle tubes just outboard of the inner axle shaft oil seals.

Tech Note 7: When Replacing
When replacing your inner axle seals, ALWAYS inspect your Ball Joints, Axle Universal Joints, Differential Bearings, Outer Axle Shaft Support Bearing, and Wheel Hubs for wear or damage. The extra time needed to replace these components is minimal since you already have the axle apart to do the axle seals. Also, the large 5" diameter Seal on each outer axle shaft is not reusable and must be replaced with a new one using QT1515 special tool to prevent water infiltration and/or vacuum loss. (See QU40233 1999-2002 Seal, QU20035 2003-2005 Seal, and QT1515 Installer or Hub and Knuckle Seal Kits QK4610 1999-2002 or QK4846 2003-2005.)

Tech Note 8: Ford’s 2011 Model Year
Effective with the 2011 model year, Ford replaced QU40244 Inner Axle Shaft Seal supplied in the Kits on this page, and which features an integral oil slinger on the diff side plus a generous axle shaft guide on the outboard side with QU20463 Seal that has no slinger and only a small shaft guide. Functionally, the seals are interchangeable on 1999 to current Ford Dana 50, Dana 60, and Dana Super 60 front axles, but they do require different installers. Personally, I prefer the earlier, but more expensive QU40244 Seal, but they are both high-quality oil bath seals that will keep oil in your diff for years if properly installed.

If you would prefer QU20463 Seal, the correct Installer is QT1222 which is available separately or in these Tool Sets and Kits for Ford:
TS4982 Tool Only Set for 1999-2005 Dana 50
QK4982 Inner Axle Seal and Tool Set for 1999-2005 Dana 50
TS4983 Tool Only Set for 1978-current Dana 60, Dana Super 60
QK4983 Inner Axle Seal and Tool Set for 1978-current Dana 60, Dana Super 60

Tech Note 9: Optional Tool Sets
Already have the Original Equipment Seals? See TS4643 and TS4808 Tool Sets Only.

Tech Note 10: Matching Parts
TK20369 Left Inner Axle Shaft
TK20368 Right Inner Axle Shaft
QU40385 3 Piece Outer Axle Shaft Thrust Washer Set
QU40155 Outer Axle Shaft Snap Ring
QU40242 Inboard Thrust Washer for Outer Axle Shaft
QU40143 Needle Bearing, Outer Axle Shaft Support
QU20023 Wheel Hub to Knuckle O-Ring
QU20044 Hublock O-Ring
QU20043 Hublock Snap Ring
QU20039 Inner Axle Shaft Oil Guide
QU40243 Dust Seal for Inner Axle Shaft (Goes next to Yoke)
QU40233 Unshielded Outer Axle to Knuckle Seal 1999-2002 (will also fit 2003-2004)
QU20035 Shielded Outer Axle to Knuckle Seal 2003-2004
QU30332 Standard Greaseable Axle U-Joint
TK40715 Premium Factory Lubed Axle U-Joint
TK40724 Premium Greaseable Axle U-Joint
QU40174 Dana OEM Ball Joint Set for 1 Side
QU40384 Brake Splash Shield
QU20053 Brake Caliper Anchor Plate to Steering Knuckle Bolt
QU40367 Spicer OEM Dana 50/60 Differential Cover Gasket
QU42029 Spicer Reuseable High-Performance Dana 60 Cover Gasket
S82194 Gray RTV Sealant for Diff Cover (in lieu of gasket)
QU20081 Nut, Wheel Hub to Steering Knuckle
QU20145 Auto Hublock Assembly
QU20339 Manual Hublock Assembly

Tech Note 11: Matching Kits
QK4637 Knuckle and Hub Seal Kit for 1999-2002
QK4610 Knuckle and Hub Seal Kit with QT1515 Seal Installer for 1999-2002
QK4847 Knuckle and Hub Seal Kit for 2003-2005
QK4846 Knuckle and Hub Seal Kit with QT1515 Seal Installer for 2003-2005
QU20462 Master Hub Seal, Knuckle Seal, and Ball Joint Kit for 1999-2002
QU50581 Differential Bearing and Seal Kit
QU20016 Hublock O-Ring and Lock Ring Kit
QK4688 Front ABS Wheel Hub Kit with Coarse Thread Studs 1999.5-2002
QK4689 Front Wheel Hub Kit with Coarse Thread Studs 1999.5-2002
QK4823 Front ABS Wheel Hub Kit with Fine Thread Studs 2003-2005

Tech Note 12: Matching Publications
TM4688 1999-2004 Front Axle Service Manual 76 Pages
TM4637 1999-2004 Front Axle Tech Manual 19 Pages
TSB4643 Inner Axle Seal Replacement Bulletin 5 Pages
TSB4644 1999-2004 Front Axle Exploded View and Parts Guide 14 Pages
QT1515 Knuckle Seal Installer
QT1130 Thrust Plate for Dana 60 Axles (Use with QK4643 for Dana 60 Seal Installation)
QK4647 Seal Remover Tool Set
QT1032 Differential Case Spreader
Ford Shop Manuals

F-250 All with Model 50 Front Axle:
 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
F-350 Single Rear Wheel models & All with Model 50 Front Axle: 1999, 2000, 2001
Excursion: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Part number: QK4808

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