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05-20 Ford Superduty Front Axle Shaft To Steering Knuckle Seal Installer

TS1530 Knuckle to Axle Shaft Seal Installer for 2005-up Ford Super Duty® F-250, F350 4x4 Trucks Use to install those easily damaged and expensive axle shaft to knuckle seals on your outer axle shaft. TS1530 is also used to correctly seat the seal and shaft assembly into the steering knuckle at the correct depth. Heavy duty, CNC precision machined tools are built to last. TS1530 works on 2005 and newer F250 and F350 trucks. TS1530 includes QT1530 Installer Head, QT1541 Handle, and QU40414 Snap Ring. Made in Roberts, Montana, USA.

If your installing a seal for 2017-up Super Duty, order QT1551 QU20052 Seal Installation Spacer separately.

Need a Tool Set for a 2005-up Super Duty® F450 or F550? Use our TS1531

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Dan the Gear Man® Tech Notes:
Installing Seal
Seat the Axle Shaft
F450, F550
TS1531 Installers Purchased After June 4, 2009

Tech Note 1: Installing Seal
2005 and newer Ford F250, F350 Super Duty® axle shaft to knuckle seals are of a complicated unitized design that is easily damaged without the correct installer. To function with any longevity, QU20052 Seal must be installed to a specific depth on both the axle shaft and in the knuckle. An improperly installed or damaged seal will allow water to enter and vacuum to escape.

Tech Note 2: Seat the Axle Shaft
TS1530 is by necessity, a two piece tool. After you Install The New Seal on your axle shaft, you need to Seat the Axle Shaft in the steering knuckle. The outer axle shaft MUST be supported and attached to the Installer during installation to prevent jamming the Seal's internal sealing components. QT1530 Installer Head is attached to your outer axle shaft with the supplied QU40414 Snap Ring. You can then put QT1541 Handle in place and drive the Axle Shaft/Seal Assembly in until QT1530 Head stops against the Steering Knuckle. Remove the tool components and continue reassembling your front Dana Super 60 axle.

Tech Note 3: F-450-F550
QT1530 cannot be used on 2005 and newer Super Duty® F-450, F-550 front axles as the Seal needs to be set much farther in from the outer knuckle face. Please see TS1531 for 2005-up F450, F550 axles.

Tech Note 4: TS1531 Installers Purchased After June 4, 2009
If you already have one of our TS1531 Installers purchased after June 4, 2009, you only need to order QT1530 Installer Head to install seals on F-250, F350 4x4s as your QT1541 Driver Handle will fit both QT1530 and QT1531 Installer Heads.

Ford Super Duty® F-250, F-350 front axles: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017*, 2018*, 2019*, 2020*
*2017- and newer Super Duty also requires Ford HC34-1660-AA Installation Spacer be placed between QU20052 Seal and QT1531 Installer Head which will seat the Seal approximately 0.030" deeper in the Knuckle as called for in 2017 and newer Ford Service Manuals

Part number: TS1530

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